There is a brand new flashlight on the market and is called G700 Flashlight. This product is not an ordinary flashlight, it has a high performance features and that is due to the fact it has been used only for the services in the US Military.

Beginning with the design, this tactical flashlight has a whole new concept, a new kind of led technology that enriches it with many useful and interesting features. Thanks to the manufacturers of the G700, it is now available for home purposes.

The G700 Led Flashlight and the Design

The powerful features that the G700 has makes this military tool a beast. First of all, because of the new revolutionary LED technology integrated in the flashlight. Second of all, because of its exterior indestructible design made especially for outdoor activities.

The new LED concept integrated in the Lumitact G700 Tactical Flashlight makes it more powerful than every flashlight. The beauty of this concept is in the brightness meaning this military tool has a lighting capacity of 700 lumens which makes it more powerful than all the previous flashlights available on the market. Learn more at theG700Flashlight.com

Another great thing about the G700 led flashlight is its aluminum air-crafted and waterproof body. The material for the design is used strictly for the reason to make the G700 indestructible and resistant to crashes. Regarding to its waterproof body, feel free to use it in rain or up to 100 feet underwater.

The Benefits of G700 Tactical Flashlight

This military grade tool has a lot of benefits for home purposes and for outdoor activities as well. For example, the power blackouts are very frequent in US and some of them can last up to 2 hours and that’s a lot of time without power and this is the exact situation where the G700 Tactical Flashlight comes handy.


The Lumitact military G700 tactical flashlight has a durable lamp glass that can last up to an incredible 100.000 hours and its new LED concept has a capacity to turn night into day, literally. As a result of the high end lamp glass, the flashlight is considered to have the most durable glasses in the world. See more benefits at TheG700Flashlight.com

On the other hand, let’s say you are a hiker, a fisher or a scuba diver or you are simply a human being that enjoys adventures, the G700 Lumitact led flashlight is invented for emergency situations. How? The LED lights of the tool have a brightness capacity of 3,000 feet. And this is the main reason why this flashlight is being named “the brightest led flashlight”.

Another great emergency feature that the Lumitact Tactical Flashlight has is the SOS signals. Whenever you are in danger, you can make an SOS signal or blink several times. This is actually perfect in any survival occasion.

How to get the best and brightest led flashlight?

If you want to learn more about the Lumitact G700 Tactical Flashlight and its other incredible features, just visit G700 Tactical Flashlight: New Features & More Power and get it today.

Why do you need a flashlight

Having a flashlight in your kitchen is almost important as having an extra light bulb. You never know if your electricity is going to shut down for no exact reason. This happens very often to households in Texas where weather conditions are extreme. There are many other places around the world like Australia for example where due to high temperatures the electric clocks overheat.

There are many different reasons why your house could go out of power but going out of electric power is not the only reason why you should own a flashlight. Other purposes of having a flashlight include simply checking out weird noises in your backyard late at night.

Creative uses of led flashlights

Other than for your protection, safety and having an extra light, a tactical flashlight can also be used to create amazing photographs when shooting them on low exposure mode.

Using your flashlight when shooting on bulb mode you can literally draw lines and letters in your photography composition and make it look very interesting and compelling.

If you open Flickr or 500px and search for flashlight photography you will find many interesting photos done with a tactical flashlight.

The difference between tactical and regular flashlights

What makes a flashlight tactical is its multi purpose options created for self defense and military uses.

Today’s flashlights not only have multiple light modes but they are also created to work as a weapon. One of the most powerful weapon on the tactical flashlights is the ultra focused light beam which can be used to blind and disorient people.

Some flashlights also have a sharp edge so it can be also used as a knife. Other tactical flashlights even have a burning laser which can make holes on organic surfaces.

Statistics of tactical flashlight owners

Almost 87% of the households from Australia, United States and Canada own a flashlight. In total that is more than 600 million people. However, only 24% of all these people have upgraded their flashlight with a tactical one. Some didn’t because they couldn’t afford a tactical flashlight and others because they haven’t heard about these new led flashlights.

Risks of getting fake tactical led flashlights

Tactical flashlights have been extremely popular since the end of 2015 and the beginning on 2016. Since the beginning of this year a lot of new duplicate models have appeared on the market and not all of them use the led technology that most Lumitact and ShadowHawk flashlights use. Most of the duplicate models don’t even use a led surface, instead they use a regular led bulb like the ones used on your cheap devices.

Things to look for in a flashlight

If you are thinking about upgrading your old led flashlight with a new tactical flashlight you must make sure that it has all of features that technology make them available today. Some of the key features that you should consider are the lumen power and the battery size and endurance.

If the lumen power on a flashlight is over 700 than the beam should be very bright. There are many versions of tactical flashlights that overpass that number but are also quite more expensive. If your budget is over $200 than you can feel safe paying that price for everything over 2,000 lumens.

Best under-priced flashlights

Finding the best flashlight for less than $50 is not that hard as you may think. There are many interesting brands that sell their products for under $50 and some examples are the Lumitact G700 Tactical Flashlight and the Shadowhawk military flashlight. Both models are qualified as best flashlights since the end of 2015 and even today they still keep their reputation.