If you’ve been searching for the perfect tactical flashlight for very long than the X700 should end your search right here and right now. Counting over 2 million international and domestic sales in total, the X700 military flashlight is the most preferred military flashlight currently available on the market.


Many people choose the X700 because its brightness and battery capacity but in this review you are going to find out why exactly the X700 is one of the best-selling flashlights for 2016.


Alumitact is a California based company that manufactures flashlights for the US and Canadian army. Their major developments are oriented on improving the Led hardware so that small flashlights can have more lumen power than others. In the last 4 years their discoveries have led to revolutionary Led concept that makes their flashlights 50 times brighter and more powerful than most flashlights available for sale.

The revolution behind the powerful led hardware is the chip which creates the light. This chip is much larger than led diodes and because of this is it also much more powerful. To make the light even stronger and the beam more powerful Alumitact also added an optical lens made from glass which is polished and manufactured by the same company that produced 95% of the camera lenses in the entire world.

Features And Modes

Just as almost every other tactical flashlight, the X700 has 5 different modes. I’m very sure that you have already heard about them but just in case you haven’t, here they are:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Strobe
  • SOS

If you are bored with the regular light mode you can easily switch mode by pressing the green button on the back.

Price vs Value

The $56 may seem like a high price for such a tactical flashlight as the X700 but the quality of the glass used on the lens is what makes it so expensive. Also I need to mention that the regular price for the X700 is $224,5 but if you get it trough an exclusive offer like this you can save up to 75% OFF.


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